CarnivalCo - Ana Sayfa


       Welcome To CarnivalCo
                             5095 PVP Server 

 Our Rules

No Racism
English public language!
 Dont Spam in chat or in game

Talking about other servers result bann for ever

Set up a warehouse password! and dont share ur acc

Chat Rules

There ShallNot Be Any Trading/Selling Accounts

No offensive language

No spamming or asking about servers

That Is Why We Have A Message In Your Type Box On Chat

No Asking For Mod's-PM's-GM's

Rules In Game

No spamming in BroadCast

No selling/Trading of accounts this will get your Acc Banned

Blocking NPC's from being used by other players will get you Kicked

No Bots or Hacks This Will Get Your IP Banned

If you donate you cant get your money back

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